Friday, December 13, 2013

My Soft Moc Experience

After a not-so-satisfactory experience with the store at Yonge & Eglinton, I'm really hoping that the head office comes through and restores my faith in customer service. Story to follow. For now, just some pics.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Logomagik Sucks

I'm used to not getting the best customer service. It all seems to be a lost art these days.  But when I get PARTICULARLY bad customer service, the kind that makes me say "never going there again if my life depends on it", I feel the need to post it here as a public service.

Such was the case with Logomagik (371 Queen Street East, Toronto).

I used them a couple of years ago for some jerseys. They screwed up the order, basically just doing a really bad job in terms of centering and placing the lettering. When I brought it to their attention, they acknowledged that they knew the job was iffy (and yet let me take it home!) and offered to reprint them. They told me to keep the misprints (after all, what were they going to do with them?).

Not the worst experience, so a couple of years later I decide to give them another chance even though I had had GREAT experiences with some other companies (but mostly in the U.S., so you get fleeced at the border). The order is fine. Not great, but acceptable.

A few months later, I need some more of the same shirts. Easy-peasy right? Nope. They screw them up. Even though they had the order on file. To boot, the order wasn't ready when it was supposed to be (in part because they only respond to emails once a day and can't seem to keep track of who has already paid for their stuff), so I am picking them up on the way to the first game.  They offer to reprint the order. I ask if I can take the misprints with me so that my players at least have SOMETHING to wear. They hesitate, so I only take the shirts I know I'll need. They want me to bring them back.

No mention of compensation.

I leave the store, shaking my head. This is nuts. I walk back in and talk to the receptionist, saying, "Look, this has obviously been an inconvenience..." and she gets the hint. She says she'll talk to the manager.

A week later, I still haven't heard form them. I send them a note. They respond saying the shirts are being printed as we speak (magically) and that the manager is offering $40 (on an order of $140+). So now we've missed two games.

The shirts are done, almost two weeks late, so I go to get them. The receptionist isn't there. The manager hands me the shirts and says "so we're good."


I mention that the receptionist talked about... "compensation?" he says. He offers me $20, saying the order was, what, $100? I tell him it was over $140 and he says, "$30? That's all I can really do. Otherwise we lose money on the order." Way to make your customer feel as though they are taking advantage.

I'm not sure if it's the neighbourhood, but these guys talk to me like I'm some punk trying to rip them off. No smiles, just attitude.

I ask if they have a use for the misprinted shirts, otherwise maybe I can give them to my players and maybe they can find a use for them. The guy in the back pipes up, "you want the money AND the shirts?!" Needless to say I left the store without the (misprinted) shirts and shaking my head.

Look, I'm not going to tell these people how to make their customers happy. That's up to them. What they do when they screw up reflects on them. I wasn't about to haggle for compensation.

In the end, this was obviously a failed exercise in customer service. Not only did the guy lose some of his treasured profit, he lost a customer. There is simply no way I'll ever go there again. And in the age of the Internet it is now so much easier for me to share my story and advise you not to use them either.

Need custom shirts? I can recommend some places to you, including Create My Tee who have INCREDIBLE customer service, but you can be sure my recommendations WON'T include Logomagik.

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