Friday, July 24, 2009

Unusual Weddings

Okay, so sticking to our wedding theme from the other day, let me show you this link to a neat wedding procession I came across on Boingboing.

This is awesome and, apparently, lots of fun. It was a big hit, it seems, and shows how you can have fun even when life as you know it is coming to an end.

...I mean on the happiest day of your life.


To pull this off, though, you'd need to have the right circumstances: a non-traditional couple; parents that can check their ego and don't insist on walking you down the aisle; extraverted friends; and understanding guests with a sense of humour.

I know a number of people who would be mortified by this sort of thing.
I'm all for it.

I've long said that I don't particularly need or want a traditional wedding. I'm happy if there's a duly empowered officiant, a nice venue, and lots of guests/witnesses. I don't need (or necessarily want) a church, flowers, rose petals, a wedding cake and a flock of doves. To me, the day should be special - for you and your guests - so that you mark the occasion with a suitable amount of ritual and pomp. So if you want non-traditional, go for it.

But let's face it: we've all been to weddings (though more likely receptions) that have been a Whether it's the sub-standard venue, or the meal or the DJ, we all have our preferences and limits.

So what are your limits? I once attended a pot luck reception. Yay/nay? What about a BBQ?

Does a reception have to involve a meal? What if it's an evening wedding with a cocktail reception? I actually kinda like that idea. I like this "event theatre" in my neighbourhood, but they charge by the hour so a long reception isn't really a great idea. I'd love to have a party or reception there with the marquee and wedding-related movie posters. I think that'd be fun. (There's also this similar venue and this article that seems to reflect my idea. At $95/person base menu, though, I don't think I can afford it!)

If it were a theme wedding where the couple asked that guests try to wear suitable attire, would you participate? To what extent? What if the theme were "black tie" or "Star Wars" or "Roaring 20s"? I could see this being a lot of fun if people participated and a big bust if you had too many introverts in the crowd.

Personally, I like excuses to dress up but I wouldn't wanna be the only one in a wookie costume, you know?

So how far can you go out of the box before you start imposing on your guests? Is it a matter of "my guests should play along or eff them"? It's a matter of cost and convenience, sure, but also attitude.

Even within the wedding party there can be issues. I mean, the fun wedding procession is cool - but only if everyone agrees to it. If you have one person clearly not enjoying the idea, well, that ruins it for everyone.

I better start vetting my friends for their "cool factor"...



Michelle said...

Oh thank god! One less boring wedding to go to.

Erm .. I presume I'm invited (?)


Don't think there will be any objection from this side of the family when the time comes, Phil.

Alison Jutzi said...

Wow, that video is fantastic. You can hardly tell those two are about to end their lives...I mean enter into a blissful, lifelong union. ;)

I think it's important to find a balance of doing what you want, and making sure your guests enjoy themselves. I have no problem with potluck dinners or couples asking for money instead of gifts.

Of course, there are things that might offend even me, someone who isn't that "up" on her wedding etiquette. Things in this category would include receiving an "e-vite" instead of a mailed invitation, or never getting a thank-you note for my gift. There are some things you just shouldn't overlook.

And, Phil: I think your friends are very cool. So I wouldn't worry. :)

Dan Misener said...

Are you priming us, your faithful readers, for some kind of announcement, Phil?

Alison Jutzi said...

Well, if Phil wont' tell you, I will:

Yes, the rumours are true. Phil has decided to become a wedding planner.

PS said...

Hey - don't knock it. I could see that being a fun job if you don't mind bridezillas and giving up your Saturdays.

dicampbell said...

Maybe you could become, like, the Bride Whisperer or something and talking some of those primadonnas into submission and common sense with some of their crazy wedding demands ...

I also saw that video you spoke of. AWESOME.

I also like the idea of people breaking the wedding "mold" and doing their own thing these days for weddings and receptions, especially since these things seem to have the same financial magnitude of, oh, I don't know, a DOWNPAYMENT FOR A HOUSE.

Everytime I hear about things worried about and expenses incurred, it just solidifies my argument for elopement, followed by a big party afterwards. *sigh*

But anyway ... I also have a friend whose sister had her wedding at the venue you mentioned and saw some of the pictures - it was quite cute, I must say.