Friday, August 14, 2009

The Beach Boys a capella

Came across this link on Boingboing.

I didn't know this existed: it's the voice tracks from some Beach Boys tunes. Remove the music and you can really appreciate their harmonies - which were great to begin with.

I've always liked the Beach Boys, but this has boosted my appreciation for their talents and style of music.

There isn't supposed to be any instrumental music, but if you listen carefully, particularly to the "Sloop John B" track (and the not-so-great "Caroline No"), you can clearly hear the tune. perhaps it was sound bleeding from someone's headphones into the mic.

Regardless, it's a great piece of music. The second half of "God Only Knows" made me think of a wedding procession tune.

...There's that word again....


Alison Jutzi said...

A cappella harmony is so beautiful.

Dan Misener said...

Very cool. Over at this link ( you can find isolated bass tracks from James Jamerson, who was one of the Funk Brother, who played on a ton of Motown hits.

I agree, hearing tracks like these really makes you appreciate the musicianship behind the individual parts.