Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tradition! (of the egg nog variety)

I have an annual tradition. Every year, I buy the first carton of egg nog that I see.

I like egg nog. Some people think it's revolting, but those people are ugly.

Egg nog with rum? YUM!!! I look forward to that every Christmas. Of course, I usually have way too much and need a year to recover.

So guess what I saw when I dropped by the grocery store the other day? Sure enough, there was a shelf full of egg nog. This year, it was the "Irresistibles" version. I quite like the President's Choice Premium egg nog (in the black carton) but the tradition doesn't care - whatever's first wins.

So I picked up a carton, went home, and enjoyed my first egg nog of the season. OCTOBER!!!!!!!!

What the fudge?!


I used to think having my first egg nog in November was a bit odd. I'm gonna be sick of rum & egg nog before Hallowee'n!


Alison Jutzi said...

"...but those people are ugly."

Ha! Love it!

Wow, egg nog already, eh? I like it too, but I'm more of a Soy Nog kinda girl. Wanna pick up some of that?


Hannah Patricia said...

mmm, egg nog. i love egg nog. i will give you a carton after you come up with alison and help us move (haha) :)

dicampbell said...

Are you SURE you don't have some sort of egg nog problem?