Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bogus Air Miles

I don't have the time nor the inclination to get nto this too much today, but thought I'd comment on this link I noticed today.

When the whole Bonus Air Miles thing was launched (which, to me, was back in university, I believe) I was left scratching my head. How can this possibly work? If everyone starts collecting air miles and getting free flights, well, won't the airlines lose revenue and be forced to add crazy restrictions? If enough people earn enough points to start seriously redeem them, won't they just jack up the number of points needed to get a flight? What's to stop them once they have all these people invested?

Looks like I was right. Although this is supposedly the first increase in 5 years, the fact of the matter is that the air miles you've been collecting over x amount of time are simply not as valuable as they once were. Oh, but keep collecting, dear loyal customer - they'll pay off EVENTUALLY.

And when you want to redeem your BAM points or whatever other loyalty point card thingamabopper, we have this one ticket on this one flight at this one Orlando. Congrats!

That's why I've never been one to look for BAM deals. I whip out my card as a matter of course when I hand over my credit card to pay for groceries, but that's about it. I am NEVER lured by an offer that promotes BAMs. In fact, when I see ads that say "earn 50 BAMs with every purchase" it just turns me off more. If they can just hand out 50 points just like that, what's the point of me earning 1 or 2 points every time I buy groceries? (If that) I've been whipping out my card as a matter of course for some 15 years now and the last time I looked I had squat for points. Yippee.

Forget the BAM offer. I'll take 10% off the sticker price every time.


Anonymous said...

I've redeemed Air Miles numerous times over the past 6ish years for various forms of gift certificates. I've probably gotten $150 in merchandise at Chapters and $100 at the iTunes store from Air Miles. Sure, there were a few times where I bought four boxes of Cup-A-Soup at once to do it, but so what? I ate the Cup-A-Soup, didn't I?

Open your heart, Phil!


Mario LeCraig

PS said...

Ah, but see, I know you've done that sort of thing, Mario. You've bought into that system. Question is: how much was that cup-a-soup and do you even LIKE cup-a-soup? :P

I'll buy the other brand that's on sale and save $250 way faster than you, I bet.