Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inspirational Art

Perhaps as a bit of a follow-up to this post, I felt a swelling inside when I came across the website of Des Taylor. Taylor is an artist in the comic book vein who tends to create in an old school/war era/pin up style.

I love it.

I think it looks so classy and sexy and fun and beautiful.

If I could go back in time, I would force my younger self to train in cartooning and visual arts in general (including photography). I always loved that stuff, but never felt I had the natural talent. I could see and appreciate others who had much more skill than me, and just sensed they had a brain function that I lacked. To this day, I find that I am more of a critic than a creator. I know what looks good, I know what can be done to make a nice piece/film/creation better, but don't seem to have the imagination to get off the blank page myself or to put my thoughts to practice.

Seeing stuff like Taylor's gets me all giddy inside and makes me daydream of a life where I can create beautiful art, too.

I often wonder if these artists view their art in the same way; with awe or a smile on their face. Or is it work to them? Would actually being an artist be like working in your favourite restaurant?

Is it better to be the artist or the audience?

Dunno. But I do know that I envy Taylor and his talent.

...I like to think he smiles.

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