Monday, March 13, 2006

Eurotrip, Jarhead, the Island (no spoilers)

It's 11:30am, I'm bored at work and I just realized I left my headphones at home.


Oh well, let me tell you about the flicks I saw this weekend, then. That oughta kill 10 minutes or so.

First was Europtrip. It was actually pretty funny at first and I liked it overall, but the second half dragged a little. I watched the dvd's special features too, and all I can say is that I'm glad they didn't use the alternate ending. I've noticed a few movies have alternate endings thrown into the special features these days and that, more often than not, the theatrical ending is better. Watching the alternate version is gonna mess me up, I think, since I won't remember what was actually in the movie, and what was just a bonus feature scene. I'm stupid that way.

Next up was Jarhead. It wasn't bad. Kind of a mood movie, since not much happens. Sometimes Jake Gyllenhaal gets on my nerves, but he was alright in this one.

Finally, The Island. I'd heard mostly bad things about this flick, but they were kind of the predictable Michael Bay knocks: looks good, story kinda sucks. What did I think? Well, it looked good, but the story kind of sucked. Bay knows how to make a shot look good, but there were quite a few plot holes and some of the character motivation was off - usually the sign of poor writing or too much editing.

So thumbs up for the first two, thumbs down to The Island.

Looking forward to taking in V for Vendetta and maybe Inside Man this weekend.

11:39. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

"Welcome to the suck."
- Peter Sarsgaard as Troy in Jarhead

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