Friday, May 26, 2006

X-Men 3 opens today!


If Mission Impossible and The DaVinci Code weren't indicative enough, today makes it official: the summer blockbuster season has begun.

The reviews are mixed so far (it's straddling the rottentomatoes 60% fresh/rotten meter), but there's no doubt I'll be going to see X-Men: The Last Stand this weekend.

This has the potential to be the smartest and best of the three films as our heroes (and villains) struggle with their very nature when presented with a potential cure for the mutant gene. Personally, I think I'd rather keep the wings/laser vision/healing factor.

I avoid written reviews and even trailers like the plague when I know I'm going to see a given movie because I don't want any of it spoiled for me. Unfortunately I couldn't avoid listening to a trailer the other day (I averted my eyes) so I know too much already (ditto with the Superman Returns flick). Even the millisecond glimpses I've had flipping through channels have revealed too much.

I must see this movie asap before all the surprises are spoiled.

Who's with me?

Review to follow...

"What do they call you? 'Wheels'? This is the stupidest thing I've heard."
- Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men


Systemaddict said...

If you've yet to see the movie (today is tuesday) don't read the rest of this comment!!!!

You're right, it did have the chance to be the best and most intelligent...and instead they decided to congest it with so much...scared that if they didn't try to go wouldn't be better.

This movie wasn't bad...but man was it dissapointing. I know what they need to do, so as to appeal to those not familiar with the comics...but man, too much, in too little, too quickly.
If it weren't for Ian and Stewart...this movie woulda fallen flat. With such a great premise too..."the cure" it has so much bearing on all of us, something to relate too...but it seems to get lost in the mayhem...anyway...I won't go on.
I was frustrated...I'd still watch it's just kinda like Alien vs Predator for me...the premise is there...and it can be so so so doesn't live up.


PS (tell me you stayed until afer the credits??)

PS said...

*Spoiler alert*

Thanks for the disclaimer James. As it turns out, I only saw the movie last night (that's why your comment wasn't published right away - I hadn't read it).

You know, I was watching this movie and at one point I marvelled at the pace of it. It seemed actually...slow (as in they were taking their time, not as in boring). Which is weird because the other ones were so fast and contained so many rough edits. When the movie was over I was amazed it was only 1.5 hours.

They managed to cram in quite a bit, though, in that time. But when it was all over, it felt...incomplete.

Here are some points:

- They made Wolverine a total pussy. Every time Hugh Jackman was on screen he was emoting. The better Wolverine moments were the ones where he avoids intimacy, like at Xavier's funeral.

- Juggernaut...oy. I like Vinnie Jones, but this character was trouble from the get go. He's practically the size of the Hulk in the books, so if you weren't going to CG him, leave it be. There are other villains to use. Goodness knows they killed enough of them in this movie. And if the truck restraints could hold him because he didn't have any "momentum", how did he free himself from the floor?

- I'm glad they used Kitty Pryde. She was actually the smartest of the X-Men, it seemed, when it came to using her powers.

- I was thinking "Last stand - they weren't kidding!" until just about everyone had an "out" to their deaths: Xavier's in that guy's body, Scott could have been absorbed by Jean or could be anywhere for that matter, Jean is Phoenix so death is irrelevant...heck even Magneto got his powers back proving that the whole cure thing was pointless.

- Wolverine sure killed enough people eh? Wow. The reasoning in this movie was odd. Beast went from anti-cure-weapon activist to using the thing himself.

- The bridge? Too much. I mean there's suspension of disbelief and there there's "what's keeping that bridge up now since there are no supports and Magneto's powerless?".

- Once again, Rogue is pointless. The comic character's powers of flight and strength (useful powers) come from touching Ms. Marvel way back when. If she doesn't have those powers, she's pretty useless - unless she's a villain, which she originally was in the books.

- I saw the ending coming a mile away: and they telegraphed it with Storm's speech to Logan about doing what's necessary. Still, the moment looked good.

Overall, there were some very nice moments, but it could have been better without much effort. Still, maybe the best of the three.