Friday, March 09, 2007

Create Your Own Battlestar Galactica Clip!

Came across this cool idea via the folks at Boingboing.

Ever wanted to see your face on an episode of your favourite tv show? Well, if Battlestar Galactica is your thing - now you can!

Just head on over to the website and you can choose from dozens of clips from the show. Just mash 'em up with your own video and voila!: you're a star.

And in case that weren't appealing enough, you can submit your little opus and the best one will be aired on Sci Fi during a BSG episode!

In today's day and age of creators fearing piracy and digital rights management, it's refreshing to see a show that is clearly going above and beyond in reaching out to fans. In case you haven't seen it, BSG is a very cool show that is unlike any other spaceship/sci-fi show I've seen. Hell, it's borderline depressing.

I'd love to see Dan and/or Tristan take this on. Could Stan be a Cylon clone?!

If anyone wants to make one, I'll volunteer to help out!

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Tristan said...

Unfortunately I'm not all that interested in Battlestar Galactica, so this project has significantly less appeal to me. However, I still mean to shoot "The Pie". Perhaps I can still finish the "film" that has now been three years in the making! All I need is you, your kitchen, and a girl who can play a bizarrist Lynchian (ie. mentally unstable) woman making a pie.