Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nifty Snickers Commercial

Came across this via beer.com.

Why aren't there more imaginative commercials like this?

Check it out.


Michelle said...

Well maybe because as cute as it is, my guess is that it probably isn't a very effective commercial.

If I was the Snickers marketing director, I'd be wondering if the audience was going to be able to identify the product after gushing over the interesting (albeit oddly disturbing) commercial.

I'd be afraid they'd guess that it was a car ad.

my 2 cents anyway.

ciao for now!


PS said...

You know, I've done my fair share of market research guiney-pigging and I've come to the conclusion that advertisers either don't know how to get folks to associate cool ad with product or they just don't care.

I mean, how many cool/catchy ads do you associate with the product? Right now, I bet most people who have seen the "Hands in my pocket" ads can sing along to the words and think the visuals are at least mildly engaging, but would not be able to tell me who the product is for. They might have a rough idea of the kind of product (something to do with money), but could not identitfy the brand with any degree of certainty.

But I suspect that advertisers would be satisfied if they could at the very least just get people to sit through the ad and be exposed to the billboard-like product logo at the end. I mean, as long as you are exposed to the logo, you're going to be more likely to pick up that product at the store - if only because of brand recognition.

This ad makes me do that. It makes me sit through the commercial and allow myself to be exposed to the logo. Boom: brand recognition. Otherwise, if it weren't so cool, I'd simply change the channel to catch two and a half minutes of another show.

So, in a sense, this is a successful/effective ad.

If marketing directors can get the viewer to watch AND associate with the brand - awesome. Otherwise, given the choice, I figure they should go for capturing the eyeballs and slapping on the logo, rather than aim for legit brand association and risk losing the audience.

This commercial is WAY more effective than having someone eat a Snickers candy bar and say "yummy!". Boooring.

Tristan said...

Are you sure that Beer.com isn't sponsoring your blog?