Monday, July 31, 2006

Me, Rick Mercer and Wesley Crusher - Together At Last

Over at The "New" Ranger Blog Show, Ranger Bob has added my blog to his blogroll, alongside Rick Mercer and Wil Wheaton. Sweet!

(That explains the Alberta dot in my clustrmap.)

You may have noticed my blog does not have a blogrool. That's 'cause I'm an idiot and haven't figured that bit out yet. While my brain tries to figure out how to escape my ass, I figured I'd give props to one of Bob's posts. In it, he links to the Rick Mercer Report website where there are some funny "spoof ads". Check out the "Hands in my pocket" spoof - "Knee in my package".

So, I guess I'm really linking to Rick Mercer's site...sorry, Bob.

p.s. There's only one "L" in Philip, Bob. But I forgive you.

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