Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Toronto votes: Beaches vs. Beach

If you don't live in Toronto, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. If you do, you probably haven't been able to avoid this story on the news.

The business improvement area (BIA) of the east end neighbourhood wanted to put up street signs that included the name of the geographical area. The problem is that it has long been debated whether the area in question is "The Beaches" or simply "The Beach".

The head of the Beaches BIA announced today at the Beaches Public Library that the winner is: The Beach.


a) First of all, the "vote" consisted of some 2,200 ballots. That's squat.
b) The area is commonly known as "The Beaches" to the vast majority of Torontonians. Even an informal Citytv webpoll showed a greater than 10-1 preference for the plural.
c) Some folks argue "Beach" is the historic name, which it is not: the name comes from four beaches (Woodbine, Kew, Scarboro and Balmy - hence beaches).
d) "The Beach" can be any beach area in any town. By calling it "The Beaches" it has a more distinct feel. Shouldn't that be a primary marketing consideration here?

But even the head of the BIA admits that this will not end the argument, just the argument for the purposes of the signs. But here was a prime opportunity to get it over with and they dropped the ball. Oh well.

This from the city that brought you the brilliant "Toronto Unlimited"...

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Char said...

Personally I think we should call it The Biatches.