Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Update on Moi

The posts have dwindled, but that doesn't mean I'm too damn busy - it means I'm not all that motivated. Which is a good thing. It means I'm not bored and trapped in front of a computer. Now when I log on it's for a good reason.

Like porn.

...Email! I mean Email!!

I haven't been surfing as much as I used to. I haven't been to Boingboing. Same with Dead Things On Sticks. Dan doesn't post, so nothing lost there.

I'm not gonna take a ton of time to write out long diatribes on what's irking me. At this point, it'd have to be something pretty freaking bad. So, just some quick hits:

- Studio 60 rocks. Great writing. This is not a comedy show, folks, it's a show about comedy. Not nearly as confusing as it sounds.

- I still haven't been back to McDonald's. Two months plus and counting.

- Had a hard time finding a Hallowe'en costume idea this year. Settled on something. Not sure how good it is. You can decide. Anybody who wants a pic, though, is gonna have to post a friggin' comment to show their love.

- The Leafs still can't score on shootouts. Don't they practice these things? Last year showed how valuable these lost points are.

- Battlestar Galactica took another big turn this week. Wonder if this show can keep my interest? It's still unlike anything else out there.

Anything else worth writing about? Didn't think so. Back to my porn.

...Email! I mean Email!!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see your costume. Post a picture!


Char said...

I too would like to see a picture, as long as your costume doesn't include a pair of assless pants.

And if you're coming over to watch Evil Dead that night it BETTER not.

PS said...

Assless pants...


That's an idea...


You should BE so lucky.

Diane said...

hey ...

long-time reader, first-time poster... what did you decide on for a Halloween costume? Show us!