Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Apple Trailers

So sometimes when I'm bored (at work - shhhh!) I drop by the Apple Trailers site.

Now anyone who knows me at all knows that I hate watching trailers for movies I know I'm going to see. It seems that movie trailers have a very bad habit of blowing the entire movie in these minute-long teasers.

Apple Trailers is a good place to go to see what's coming out that you may not have been exposed to otherwise - a quirky cult hit for example. (This for example, might tickle your fancy, or maybe this or, for the truly morbid, this)

But every once in a while I face a dilemma: I know a little bit about the movie but I'm kind of on the fence about whether or not to see it in the theatres. Rocky VI for example. I know the backstory, I know the characters, I know basically what to expect...I think. Do I pay to see it? Well...I dunno. What if it's clearly gonna suck? A trailer might help.

I avoided Rocky VI trailers as much as possible, thinking I might see it - still haven't. Oh well, I guess I'll rent it.

Today, the dilemma surrounded Live Free or Die Hard. Citing the Rocky example, I decided to watch the trailer. The verdict: well, it doesn't look like it's gonna completely suck...

Still not sure if I'll see it.

But this new one from Danny Boyle has me intrigued... (if 28 Days Later is any indication, this is not going to be your typical sci-fi disaster flick)

And who knew there was a Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four 2) trailer out yet? (and a great one at that - looks totally cool, high octane, gives away very little about the movie)

Flame on!

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