Friday, February 09, 2007

Dion: Men Need Not Apply

Ok, this guy is already starting to piss me off.

As much as I might think Stephen Harper is a scheming, lying redneck homophobe, I'm not sure I'll be throwing my vote to the (only other legitimate option) Liberals either if Stephane Dion doesn't get his head screwed on right.

First there was the fact that Dion could be linked to the old-school scandalous Liberals. Then he opened his mouth and we all learned that his English pretty much sucks. Now he's taking political correctness to a whole new level and is looking at barring men from seeking nomination in certain ridings to ensure that his promise of 1/3 female representation is fulfilled.

Everybody knows how much I hate reverse discrimination. But when it starts creeping into politics and the way my country is run, then I just get downright pissed.

The best quote came from right hand man Gerard Kennedy:

"We're trying to find the techniques that are consistent with our democratic processes to the greatest extent possible."

Democracy is democracy is democracy. You can't add "techniques". One person, one vote. May the best person win regardless of age, colour, creed or sex.

By choosing who can and cannot run, Dion is guaranteeing that democracy will not be served.

By the way, the fact that the Liberals are willing to run the risk of eliminating the best possible candidate in favour of demographics just goes to show that in Canadian politics you do not vote for the local rep, you vote for the party you want to win. Any argument to the contrary is ridiculous.

Excuse me; I have to go find an NDP flyer to figure out what they're all about. (ATM fees? WTF?)

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