Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This and That

Ok, so I'm bored again at work, so I figured I'd kill some time and write a bit about this and that.

- My friend Dan hosted an open-mic type thing where people read things they wrote as kids. I was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out; there must have been a good 50 people there, easily filling the Victory Cafe upstairs space. It was the right kind of crowd, too; everyone was supportive of the readers and there were lots of laughs. Lots of people (mostly women) read from journals they kept when they were discovering the opposite sex, for better or worse. I read a short story I'd written when I was in grade 6 - one of a series of Sam Mahoney, P.I. adventures. I was afraid it would go over badly, seeing as it was so utterly lame, but I was encouraged by the laughs it got. I'll keep you posted as to when the next reading night might be for those of you who may be in the Toronto area.

- Been watching a lot of movies recently, obviously. I've been trying to get a bunch of 2006 movies under my belt before the Oscars so that I can watch them with even greater frustration this year knowing how bad their choices are. Stay tuned for my Oscar picks and a 2006 retrospective later this week.

- Is it my imagination or are we hearing less about George Bush these days? I think he might be waiting for the whole anti-Iraq "War" thing to blow up in the Dems' faces. See, if the Democrats reduce troop levels and Iraq sinks into civil war, then the Republicans can blame the Democrats during the next election campaign. (Of course, the best way to start a civil war is to create a power vacuum - see: removing Hussein without a plan)
- Of course, that doesn't mean Bush's effed up policies aren't being felt. Just ask those folks down in Gitmo what they think of the American justice system. Just be careful that the shoe doesn't end up on the other foot. Seems the Chinese are fond of holding suspected criminals without charge, too. But at least they're allowing the consulate to check on the prisoner's health.

- And just when you thought the Democrats were sure to win this time and that we might even see a *gasp* female or *double gasp* black President (or is that the other way around?) - oops! - we might not be done with the Republicans yet. Meet President Rudy Giuliani.

- I'm not sure what to make of the whole Britney Spears head-shaving fiasco. I mean, is this her way of making amends for her recent behaviour and "starting over" or are we witnessing Anna Nicole Smith part deux? (I mean, why do you tattoo lips onto your wrists unless you wanna see them talk?)

- Why are ATM fees suddenly in the news? First it was Jack Layton parading around Toronto, now Finance Minister Jim Flaherty seems to be taking up the cause. WTF? Let me get this straight: I have a Royal Bank account. I take out money from a CIBC bank machine and get charged a fee of a dollar or two... What's the problem? I don't get it. Banks should charge a fee. I mean, if there's no fee for using a competitor's machines, what incentive is there for CIBC to install these machines in the first place? The whole point is that the guy with the most machines gets the most business 'cause he's the most convenient. If I can't draw business this way, why not let the other guy eat the expense of installing machines and have the benefit of his free service? I don't get it. Now, if the banks all started charging the same amount for their own customers to be using their own machines, then I'd have a problem, 'cause that shows collusion and that's b.s. But as long as there's competition, what's the problem?

Ok, enough frustration for one day; I'm gonna stare at this picture of my nephew Caleb for a while and get all zenned out on his cuteness.


char said...

Oh my god, adorable baby!!

Caleb's such a cutiehead!

He looks like a Cabbage Patch kid I used to have when I was little! His name was Abner.

Caleb's a better name.

Michelle said...

Umm .. don't let Christine see that people think our beautiful baby looks like a Cabbage Patch kid! (he does not! we will deny this until our dying day, damn you!)

Note the intelligence in the eyes, the charm in the smile, the mugging for the camera : a real Sullivan, this one.

Takes after his uncle Pee, on all fronts.