Monday, February 06, 2006

Floor crossing belongs in ballet, not politics

Holy hypocrites, Batman!

Seems all that yelling and screaming the Conservatives did when Belinda Stronach crossed the floor to join the Liberals is going to come back to bite them in the you-know-where.

And deservedly so.

News came this morning that former Liberal cabinet minister David Emerson has crossed the floor to join the governing Conservatives and accept a cabinet post.

What a little shit.

This is much more reprehensible than Stronach's move and I'll tell you why (like you doubted I would).

See, when Stronach crossed, it was following a Conservative leadership race which she had lost. Stephen Harper had been chosen as the new leader - clearly a right wing selection within a right wing party. She looks around, decides this is not the party she wishes to be a part of and leaves (yeah, I know, odds are it was for less noble reasons than that, but let's give her some leeway).

Emerson, on the other hand had JUST BEEN ELECTED a couple of weeks ago as a Liberal. He was a cabinet minister, so he knew what the party was about when he ran and there is no new leader for him to object fact there's no leader at all.

So what's his motivation? If he had a crisis of conscience, he should have made it known prior to the election. He has essentially negated the votes of the people of Vancouver Kingsway. Did I mention that the Conservatives ran a distant third in that riding, getting fewer than half the votes the Liberals did? (20k vs 8k)

If the Conservatives and NDP are going to work on election reform, they might want to address the whole floor-crossing issue.

You want to cross? Fine. Resign and hold a by-election.


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