Wednesday, January 11, 2006

...So the Election said to Martin, "Blow me."

Uh boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how NOT to run a campaign.

I can't believe it, but it appears the Conservatives are headed towards an election victory. And perhaps even a majority one at that.


You know, as this campaign goes on, I'm liking the Liberals less and less myself. There is obviously a great deal of incompetence at the top, at least where the campaign decision-making is concerned, which is perhaps indicative of the lack of leadership overall.

I've never been a fan of Paul Martin's. I don't think he's a strong PM. I didn't like the way he so plainly made it clear that he wanted Chretien's job all those years ago, and I figure he got what he deserved when Chretien essentially kicked him out of politics for a couple of years. I'm also a firm believer that one should be elected to the office of Prime Minister, not simply become the party's choice when it's time to replace the retiring PM (see John Turner or Kim Campbell - who, to me, were never Prime Minister - and Ernie Eves in Ontario). Eventually, Martin won his first election, which raised his stock in my eyes. Good for him.

Looks like he's completely blowing this one.

The Liberals have clearly gone negative. There was no need. You don't go negative against the Conservatives; their policies should speak for themselves (hello? the guy took out a treasonous ad in the Washington Post saying we were wrong and Bush was right about Iraq!!!). Going negative with the ads simply put the Liberals in the spotlight as mudslingers. They've made Harper the victim.

Big mistake.

If Harper wins, watch out: we'll likely all be victims of his redneck pro-Bush policies.

If only Layton were a viable alternative...

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