Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What do people REALLY think of you?

I've often said that you can tell what someone really thinks of you by how quickly they misinterpret something you say.

If you say something sarcastically, for example, and they jump down your throat thinking you are being serious, or if they just completely miss the mark on a comment you make and ramble on for half an hour, bringing up past statements or misdeeds to support their argument, well, it tends to reveal that they actually don't think much of you. Not only that, but that this negative opinion has been brewing for a while.

Yes, this has happened to me several times.

But these guys have come up with a new way of testing someone's true colours - whether they intended to or not. This was a very successful but very dangerous prank. (I haven't watched the video yet, since I'm at work, but the story is hilarious)

See, these friends used the TiVo to record the lottery numbers from the previous draw. Then, they went out and bought a ticket with those numbers. Finally, they sat down with an unsuspecting victim while the TiVo spouted out the recording, as if it were live tv.

Needless to say, the victim went bananas.

Great prank. Could have backfired MASSIVELY, depending on the dynamics of the buddies involved and the circumstances surrounding the actual purchase of the ticket. It would have been especially dangerous had a workmate or employer been in the room. Imagine telling your prick boss to eff himself, only to find out those millions you thought you'd won didn't exist.


"Relationships based on extreme circumstances rarely ever work"
-Speed (1994)

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