Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to Reality - Rock Star: Supernova

Okay, okay, I watch Rock Star: Supernova, too.

Ya got me.

I won't watch two minutes of the Idol shows (holy crap are they terrible), but this one gets me because it's different: the competitors are vying for a specific spot in a specific band - it isn't about who's the best singer, it's about who's best for the band (INXS got it right with JD - he's got Michael Hutchence's voice down cold). To boot, these aren't snot-nosed kids walking in from Smalltown, Kentucky - these are seasoned club singers looking for the big break and the big gig. Every night is a min rock show and the talent is pretty darn good.

At least now that they've eliminated some of the crap. There was some dead wood there for a while.

(oh, right, and she's on it - there's that reason, too...)

But now it's down to the final four: Magni, Toby, Dilana and Toronto's own Lukas Rossi.

Lukas and Dilana were easily the favourites from the word go. They had presence and they had talent. They stood out. But now that there are only four competitors left and we're weeks into the audition process, everyone stands out. The advantage has disappeared.

I'm going to make a prediction: neither Dilana nor Lukas will win.

My money's on Toby. Young, single, buff-ish, moderately talented and Australian. No way Tommy Lee wants to drum for a band that has a woman, married man, or obnoxious shrimp as a lead singer. Toby represents the fun these guys are trying to recapture.

We'll find out Wednesday, I guess.

Who do you got?

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