Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brad Pitt to lead Mission: Impossible 4?

No way...

There's a story on that claims the Daily Mail has a story on this.

Pitt would be offered the lead for *gulp* $39.5 Million.

...Ok, so maybe that makes it slightly believable.

But how is this a good career move for Pitt? It's a tired franchise and Pitt has claimed he wants to make more "mature" flicks.

I think Mr. and Mrs. Smith showed Pitt could be a kick-ass action star, but why not use a new brand? I mean, it's not like the Mission Impossible name will draw more movie-goers than Pitt's would. So why throw a potential anchor around the project's neck?

The story goes that Pitt wouldn't play Ethan Hunt, but a new character. Hunt would "retire" to be with his wife. But the flick would still have the MIF world attached to it. Again: why?

You might as well do Mr. & Mrs. & baby Smith.

... don't think...


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