Friday, September 22, 2006

CTV airs wrong Grey's Anatomy episode

I'm surprised Denis McGrath hasn't blogged about this yet, being a Grey's Anatomy fan, so I guess I'll have to.

It's good to know I'm not crazy after all.

Following up on the Global Rock Star: Supernova snafu a couple of weeks ago, I found it interesting that CTV made a similar mistake with regards to a high-profile show.

I happened to tune in to the season premiere of Grey's airing at 8pm on CTV (it airs at 9pm on ABC). I noticed that I seemed to be a bit out of the loop. Some of the things being discussed seemed unfamiliar to me, as if I had missed something. But the episode was great. I noticed they weren't dwelling on the events of the season finale, but rather were hitting the ground running with the way the characters were moving on.

But then the ABC version came on at 9pm.


I realized right quick that the reason the season premiere seemed so interesting, and why the characters were "moving on" was because this was, in fact, the second episode of the new season. CTV played the wrong episode. Unlike Global, however, CTV didn't catch on. The whole episode aired.

And now they're taking the same shit-kicking from fans that Global did for Supernova. Considering this foul-up, their claim that they are "fans" themselves rings terribly hollow. They're also clearly blaming ABC. Wonder what ABC would say...

I gotta say: I liked the second episode as a season premiere better than the actual season premiere. That episode sucked big monkey balls - because they DID dwell on the events of the finale.

Maybe there's a lesson for screen writers here...

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