Monday, September 25, 2006

Securing Luggage: Fly With Guns

A few years ago a friend and I flew to Milwaukee via Chicago. When we got to our destination, my friend noticed his suitcase lock had been cut off. There was a brief note inside about it having been cut so that his bag could be inspected.

I found this strange because we watched the bag go through the screener - why not ask us to open it then? My lock wasn't cut...

Then I found it outrageous: once the lock had been cut off, what was stopping anyone (see corrupt baggage handling mofos) from stealing his valuables? Nothing. That's why passengers put locks on their luggage. Once the bag had cleared the screening machine, why would anyone have any cause to cut the lock?

Oh, right: 'cause they want to steal your stuff.


So it was with more than a little satisfaction and interest that I read this Boing Boing post. Seems some guy figured out how to ensure your things don't get stolen out of your suitcase: pack a gun. Because of the security measures taken once you declare your firearm (see: starter's pistol), there's no way your stuff will get lost/stolen.

That's it. I'm buying a gun at lunch.

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