Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reality show wrap-up: Big Brother & Rock Star Supernova

Ok, so to follow up on my previous posts: (for those who care)

Mike Boogie won Big Brother All-Stars while hometown boy Lukas Rossi took home the Supernova gig.

First off, I'm glad Boogie won. He deserved it way more than Erika. It's been my experience however that the deserving person rarely wins these competitions. Survivor almost always rewards the wrong person. Tina over Colby? What the heck are these people smoking on these islands? They always take it personally and rarely reward the best player.

I'm glad that almost everyone involved was in agreement that Will and Janelle were the two best players and that Chill Town ran the show. I love those boys. I want the t-shirt.

Lukas Rossi as lead singer for I dunno....

To be honest I think they made a mistake. I was kinda pulling for the hometown boy, but I gotta say I think Toby would have been the best choice. The chicks dig him, he can write, he's got presence, and his voice is strong. Lukas has showmanship, but I think his "moves" would wear on me real quick. Jason Newsted better whip that boy's voice into shape or no one will ever understand that kid.

I also love how they didn't explain to Dilana why they didn't choose her - especially after heaping so much praise on her. The answer to me seems fairly clear - Gilby didn't think she could contribute anything to the band other than her voice, and I truly believe the band didn't want a female lead singer. They kept her around because she was awesome and she was good for the show. (I actually think they would have kept Storm around longer than, say, Magni, but unfortunately for her she was up against Dilana and Lukas on her elimination night)

And shame on Global Television for not pulling a mea culpa and admitting that they messed up the finale broadcast. In case you missed it, Global played the wrong episode at 8pm - for a good twenty minutes! That's some kind of quality control they got there. When they finally played the right feed, Magni had already been eliminated. They replayed the entire correct episode at 10pm - when the results were already known. D'oh!

**update: apparently, it came from the source, says Global...but considering the snafu only lasted a few minutes on American channels... (check out the mock Global explanation - nsfw)

...and that's all I gots to say about that. No more "reality tv" talk. I'm done. I don't watch Survivor, I catch only glimpses of The Amazing Race and I won't watch any of the Idol shows.

Now, it's House, Prison Break and...oh yeah...oops...Ultimate Fighter. Ok, one more reality show.

"This is truly an all-stars season, because I'm astonished by your game play here. Now a lot of you have come up to me and said 'Will, you don't really seem like you're into it, you don't really seem like you want to play.' And you said 'Why?' I said to myself, I don't know, I don't know why, I can't understand it. So I had a heart-to-heart with myself, and I said 'Will, what is the reason? Why are you having such a hard time playing?' And this is the truth. Season two, the season that I won, there was a lot of people that I hated. And it was easy for me to motivate and find individuals that I disliked, and it gave me power. It gave me a reason to want to play, it gave me a reason to want to fight, and it gave me a reason to want to remove people from the game. Then I thought, so why haven't I had that motivation? And I thought it was because I really like everyone here. But then I realized it was the opposite of that. I can't find an individual to hate, because I hate you all! There's no one I hate more than anyone else.

This is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna ask to be removed from the game by you all. Now, if you refuse to kick me out, I will be throwing every competition, I will throw every HoH, I will throw every POV, and I will throw every food competition. George is on slop, and I will do the best I can to ensure that we are all on slop, unless you get together, have a big group meeting and vote me out.

So George, please don't use the power of veto on me. I want this nomination to stay in place. I encourage you to use it yourself. You know why? (Clapping, pointing at George.) This man is a bad-ass! He went up against the five wickedest, freakiest Big Brother players, and he whooped their ass! Don't use it.

Vote me out."

- Will the Puppetmaster gives the speech of the year (and stays) on Big Brother All-Stars

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