Friday, December 29, 2006

Boxing Week Bust

So I popped out to some stores to see what was going on with the sales.

Am I the only one who was disappointed? I mean, usually there's some pretty good stuff out there for cheap, but this year? Not so much.

I picked up Friday Night Lights at Future Shop for $4.99. That was pretty sweet since I haven't seen it and I've heard great things. I passed on Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Really don't need to see it again.

HMV usually has a ton of stuff on sale at the end of the year, but, again, I was disappointed. It was all either crap or stuff I'd seen or "full screen" versions of flicks I would have bought. Why do they even bother making full screen version? Who wants 2/3 of a movie?

Unfortunately, I don't have a good excuse to buy some serious electronics - which seems to be the big draw on Boxing Week. I gotta get myself a permanent place. Then I'm gonna go nuts.

But watch out for those "factory refurbished" items, folks!

Why doesn't it just say "previously messed up" or "once broken" or how about "recently returned"?

Next year...

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