Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Favourite Commerical: UFC & VGA

What is it with me and commericals these days? And why are all the best ones on Spike? This one stars Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White sitting on a couch, playing a Mortal Kombat-style video game versus Video Game Awards host Samuel L. Jackson:

Dana: Take that, motherf**ker.

Jackson: You say the word so lame.

Dana: There's nothing wrong with the way I say "motherf**ker".

Jackson: You say it second best.

Dana: You're gonna be second best on December 13th. I got the toughest, baddest fighters in the world ready to roll that night.

Jackson: We got all that and...lasers! (his video game player pulls out a lightsaber)

Dana: (stunned, turns to Jackson) ...You got lasers?

Jackson: YEAH, YOU'RE MOTHERF**KING RIGHT!! (turns to Dana) That's how you say the word "motherf**ker".

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