Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sassafraz Burns!

Seems a fire ripped through famous Yorkville eatery Sassafraz today.

The place is synonymous with the Toronto International Film Festival (arguably the most important film fest in the world). Stars are often seen hanging out inside or on the patio during the September fest.

It remains to be seen if the place will be able to recover for next year.

What we do know is that 29 fire trucks carrying 135 firefighters descended on the scene to fight the blaze.


Holy crap! Is that right? 29 trucks?!

Good luck getting 29 trucks to show up when your kitchen burns.

F***ing stars...

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Anonymous said...

135 firefighters! that's almost 12 calendars!

Selling soup at 9$ a bowl – somehow I’m not surprised. A customer probably realised what the meal cost and had a conniption fit...