Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Afraid of My Toilet Bowl

Let me explain.

The powers-that-be have decided to replace the toilets in my building. I guess this'll justify them jacking up my rent down the road, but that's beside the point.

These new toilets are...futuristic. They are supposed to be more efficient, I guess. They have a plastic container system within the tank, so I assume it uses less water.


The first time I used this new and improved product, I just about crapped myself - twice.

The thing flushes with the force of a jet engine. I shit you not. And even if I were, this thing would suck it down like a Japanese hot dog eater.

I have nicknamed my toilet The Black Hole.

Think I'm exaggerating? Come on over and see for yourself.

...if you DARE!

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