Saturday, December 02, 2006

This Week Flu By

Managed to catch the flu this week. It's my own damned fault for not getting my flu shot sooner and making out with an Eskimo hooker.

I'm kidding, mom. She wasn't an Eskimo.

Anyhow, not the best way to spend a week. It wasn't paralyzing, but I wasn't in the best of moods and had to miss my weekly male-bonding session at the Pour House. Now I have a lingering cough.



So listen to your uncle Philip, kids: get a flu shot. And stay away from hookers.

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Diane said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well this week. Seems like it's going 'round.

I'm going to have to disobey your advice, flu be damned. I'm fighting The Man and not getting the flu shot ... just washing my hands, sayin' my prayers and taking my vitamins.

When bird flu becomes a scary reality, I might reconsider.