Friday, December 02, 2005


Hunting baffles me. Who digs this? What kind of person enjoys going out into the woods or wherever and killing a beast that cannot defend itself?

Sure, I understand the need for culling, but is it required that the person ENJOY the kill?

If some creature population needs to be controlled and you're going to eat your kill, ok, I can maybe see some reasoning in that, but for Pete's sake: killing for sport?

Hunting is like cheerleading or poker or bowling: don't ever call it a sport. (Poker and bowling are games, competitions at best. Cheerleading is just eye candy for sports fans, synchro gymnastics at best)

As I dug through some more BoingBoing archives, I came across this post about a shark hunt off Nova Scotia where a giant mako was killed. Was it eaten? Are 1,000+ pound makos overpopulated? I doubt it.

"Sport hunters" should do the world a favour: take your raging testosterone and go to your local paint ball arena. Almost as fun and none of the blood.

Leave Jaws alone.

"How does it feel to be hunted?"
"You tell me!"
(Hard Target - 1993)

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