Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No, I'm not your mommy...

I work in an office where women are in the majority and, at any given time, it seems that a majority of them are pregnant. It's a really weird phenomenon, actually - it's become an office joke (there must be something in the water, etc.).

Even my boss recently left on maternity leave. She came back into the office today for a visit with her two week old daughter, Georgia.

I joined the circle of women gathered around the baby to say hi to my boss and it was a cute-fest, with everyone commenting on how adorable Georgia is (actually she is very cute, even for a baby).

Georgia was being passed around the circle, each woman taking a turn cradling her. At one point, Georgia started to whine and the young girl holding her got noticeably nervous. She asked if I wanted a turn and I said, "Sure".

I took Georgia and rested her against my chest, thinking that maybe she wanted a change of positions. She quieted down, but began to fidget. I couldn't quite figure it out until she made her way further down my chest and it became obvious that she was trying to feed!

We broke out laughing. I explained to Georgia that that wasn't my job and handed her off to mommy for some nourishment.

My sweater was covered in saliva.

It was a Kodak moment.

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Anonymous said...

Well that sounds pretty awesome- having a wee one suckling you. mmm. Well done. I am sure I will have to comment on all the blogs you have posted so I will save the good stuff til later.