Saturday, January 20, 2007

Film Review: Children Of Men

It's been a bit of a movie week, huh?

What can I tell you about Children Of Men?

This is yet another flick that had been getting good reviews on rottentomatoes (currently 91%). I had high hopes for this one after some friends of mine suggested that it would be "conversation worthy".

When the credits rolled, I had no idea what they were talking about.

This movie was fine, but not exactly the intellectual stimulation I had been expecting. It basically devolved into an action flick. Meh.

When you consider that this film is about what happens to society when infertility sets in and the population is essentially doomed, well, I gotta say there wasn't a lot of meat on this sucker.

Clive Owen was alright; he's always been ok in my book, ever since Croupier (I'll admit to not having seen King Arthur, though) and Michael Caine was enjoyable in his supporting role.

But the story...well, I can't talk too much about it without blowing stuff, but let's just say I was expecting a whole lot more. And if the story is gonna go to hell, at least throw in some philosophy, will ya? I mean beyond the first 20 minutes. It's the end of the f***ing world, guys!

I give this flick a thumbs sideways. Wait for the dvd.

I'm trying to think of the last movie I really liked.

...It'll come to me...

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