Wednesday, January 17, 2007

President Obama?

I don't know if you've heard of this guy, but a Democratic senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, has been hinting he might run for President in 2008. If he won, he'd be the first black President.

Hey, I wish the guy good luck, but, um.... I the only one who thinks that his name will hurt his chances?

I mean, I know that every time I hear/see the guy's name, I think of good ol' Osama Bin Laden. And if a gentle, sweet, innocent Canadian makes that connection, just imagine how he sits with the good ol' boys down south.

Can you imagine the headlines if there's ever a scandal or two involving this guy?

Picture this:

Obama Sin Laden


D.C. said...

I think CNN got that department covered earlier a couple weeks ago:

And then the New York Times apparently did it on their online page but a couple weeks later.

And then again, there's the big-deal about this middle name ...

I think this would be hilarious - and ironic justice for having Bush in office for 8 years.

PS said...

Holy crap...

re: CNN - why is it that whenever someone types something on a computer and makes a mistake, they refer to it as a "typo"? A typo is a typographical error - a slip in the act of typing due to the nature of the keys. When you misspell a word out of ignorance it is NOT a typo! It's a MISTAKE. And, yeah, "s" and "b" aren't even remotely close to each other...

re: Debbie Schlussel - what a bigot. I can't believe she said that the "war" is against Islam. And to say his middle name - Hussein - means we have to call his loyalties into question? Figures. "Schlussel" - must be a Nazi, right? :P

D.C. said...

I concur, man, I concur!