Thursday, January 04, 2007

Film Review: Jersey Girl

I confess: I watched the W Network tonight.

But, oddly enough, my manhood was not threatened. I was watching - get this - a Kevin Smith movie! ...On the W Network?!

Jersey Girl was the one Smith flick I hadn't seen. Partly, I suppose, because it's not really part of the View Askew-niverse as we know it. If Jay & Silent Bob aren't in it, it don't count.

The other reason I hadn't seen it was because of the Bennifer Effect - that's the Lopez "Ennifer", not the Garner "Ennifer". I was sick of the bullshit relationship buzz and couldn't drag my ass out to see this flick, despite my usual support for Smith.

Ok, let's get to the flick. It wasn't half bad. It starts off a little rough with some typical cheese and some bad acting, but once a certain actress woh shall remain nameless leaves the scene (not a spoiler - it's pretty obvious), the pace picks up immensely.

The film's got charm. There's some typical characters in typical roles, but I didn't mind too much. The film plays out much as you'd expect, but that was ok, too.

I'd heard the little girl was a dead ringer for the spawn of J-Lo, but holy crap! Great casting. She doesn't seem to have done much since, but I thought she was pretty good. I guess the Bennifer curse got her.

See, this flick came out a little after Gigli - the name that henceforth shall not be spoken; which is good, 'cause most people don't know how to pronounce the title! I haven't seen that one, either, but the clips I've caught make it seem pretty atrocious. I think if Jersey Girl had come out first, it would have actually done ok. Hell, maybe J-Lo and B-Aff would be married now.

Way to dodge a bullet.

So, while I cannot give this film a thumbs up as a movie in the grand scheme of things, I think it's a pleasant watch for Smith fans with a softer side (like me - Snoogans!) or people who like sentimental crap.

Oh, and Liv Tyler was not only bearable, but downright hot! Where did that come from?!

p.s. Sweeny Todd is actually a pretty good show with a couple of memorable songs - it's Sondheim, go figure. (Told you I was in touch with my softer side!)

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