Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Little Mosque On The Prairie - Tonight! 8:30 CBC

A little last-minute, but...

The premiere episode of Little Mosque On The Prairie is on tonight (let's hope it's better than the website!). My old buddy Zaib is starring as Toronto lawyer who moves to Saskatchewan to start over as an imam.

The show's been getting tons of press and buzz due to its subject matter, but of course that has led to the more recent negative backlash as the debut approaches. I'm expecting polite Canadian chuckles, not belly laughs at South Park-type humour.

It's the CBC: grain of salt, folks, grain of salt. If this is even a decent show, it'll be a step in the right direction for the national broadcaster.

Let me know what you thought!

I'm sure as hell gonna let you know...

If you want to see more of Zaib, catch his appearance on The Hour, here.

UPDATE: 2.1 million viewers. Wow. That's an unbelievable number. Let's hope it stays high in upcoming weeks. The show has promise if the actors can settle into their roles and they hire a new cameraman... Next week it plays in its regular timeslot - Mondays at 9pm, which puts it up against the likes of Heroes...


Tante Michelle said...

That's weird : in Quebec they advertised the regular timeslot as being Wednesday nights (8pm methinks).

PS said...

Actually, here in T.O. at least, it's on at both 9pm on Monday and 8pm Wednesday - for this week. I distinctly recall hearing that Mondays at 9pm was going to be the regular slot, but maybe CBC is hoping to cash in on a hot new show to grab some ratings.

Either way, tune in.

MS said...

You're right (oh how you love hearing that!)

So I rewatched on Monday (minor disappointment since I thought I was going to get a new episode, but I still laughed the second time around) and watched Episode 2 last night.

Not as many laughs this time around, but it was smoother and I really enjoyed the content. Did you catch how cleverly Zarqa slipped in the reference that'll make Jews and Christians sit up and go Huh?? and scratch their heads going King Solomon in Book What? Brilliant.

Loved the references to the wall, knowing the subject of her last doc.

All in all, our Zarqa is one clever girl. And pretty 'osée' ..

Oh! And Zaib checking out the piece of ass. Very cute.

Hope the critics don't pan it because it wasn't overflowing with raucous laughs this time around.


PS said...

The new show was originally supposed to be on Monday, but they ran a repeat of the pilot because it would have been up against the Golden Globes and they didn't want to see their numbers drop too sharply. In the end, they dropped by half (1 million) but that's still way better than anything else CBC is throwing out there.

I liked the second show better I think.
I'm still waiting for the actors to settle into their roles. I'm sure I'll have a more definitive opinion by episode 12. :P

BTW - anyone catch Canadian comedian Shaun Majumder (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) as a terrorist on 24? Watch for Zaib to be playing a crazed religious zealot out to kill happy-go-lucky Wal-Mart shopping Americans sometime soon. ...I hear the money's good.