Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random January Thoughts

I've started working again, so I don't have the free time to post as much as I did. You may notice that this seems to be a direct contradiction of my blogging theory from a few weeks ago, but, see, this time I'm actually busy at work.

So, here are some highlights of what's been on my mind recently:

- George Bush is a dumb-@$$ motherf***er. No, this is not news, but it was brought into full view again this week. The invasion of Iraq is so incredibly unpopular that voters overwhelmingly supported the Democrats in the last round of elections. Does this deter Mr. Bush? Nope. He vows to increase the presence of troops in the region, since this will accelerate the mission's completion. This from the same man who claimed that when he won the election and Republicans were elected to Congress, that the American people had given him a mandate and that he was now in possession of "political capital" that he planned to spend. Newsflash, @$$hole: you're broke.

- The Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the NFL playoffs on an unlikely botched 19-yard field goal attempt when darling quarterback Tony Romo fumbled the snap. I won't lie: I was pulling for "Them Cowboys", but this is an example of what makes sports great: drama. You gotta feel for the guy. He comes in in relief of struggling Drew Bledsoe, goes on a winning streak, becomes the toast of the town, then wears the goat horns for the entire off-season because of one play. Season ruined. That's gotta suck.

- Speaking of sports, David Beckham's career ended this week. The former star midfielder for Manchester United and the English national team decided to sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy (you've heard of them, haven't you?) of the MLS for a whopping $250 million over 5 years... Wow. Look, I like Beckham. I've been watching him since he was a kid, but this is so stupid. Sure, he's past his prime, but he's still leaps and bounds beyond this league. This is a no-win situation: he either plays well and puts the league to shame, or he plays so-so and he's a bust. Forget what he said about being in America to promote soccer (though I hope there is an increase in interest), Mr. Posh Spice will be swallowed up by the Hollywood lifestyle. He'll be at all the premieres, all the hot spots and his face will adorn every newstand in the land. Soccer? What's that?

- Now this really pissed me off: Liberal MP Wajid Khan stabbed his constituents in the back by crossing the floor to join the Conservative caucus. Mr. Douchebag (I mean Khan! Khaaaaaaaaan!) had been acting as a special advisor to PM Harper regarding the situation in Afghanistan (because, apparently, Mr. Harper doesn't know any other Muslim folk - go figure). Understandably, this rather odd arrangement didn't sit particularly well with new Liberal leader Stephane Dion. Mr. Khan pounced on this opportunity to leap to the government side. Mr. Khan, it seems, thinks he took the high road. "When I'm given a choice … between a political party and my country, I will always choose Canada and that's why I chose the Conservative government," said Khan. You. Stupid. Bastard. I swear, there should be a rule against floor-crossing. The right thing for Mr. Khan to have done would have been to resign from the Liberal Party, sit as an independent, continue to advise Harper, and run in the next election under whatever banner would accept him. There was no reason to join the Conservatives unless he wanted to protect himself. This was a selfish move that did not take into account how voters in Mississauga-Streetsville would have their votes nullified. I can't wait to see this moron get his ass handed to him in the next election. Can't wait.

- The Leafs suck.

That's it for now. I've got some playoff football to watch. (Sorry, Bob, I'm pulling for Da Bears)


Jenna said...

So Beckham sold out...
that sucks, for Manchester but than again their season did 250 mil. Who the hell spends that much money on a soccer player? It won't get the US team any better becouse the whole US realy couldn't care less about soccer, but we have to have our noses in everything, even if we are no good at it.
Ok ending rant now:)
Love soccer and let's face it David is quite cute but yeah his carear is over...
Thanks for sharing the highlights Phil:)

MS said...

re: Mr. Posh Spice will be swallowed up by the Hollywood lifestyle. He'll be at all the premieres, all the hot spots and his face will adorn every newstand in the land. Soccer? What's that?

I believe that's the point, actually. The handsome Mr. Beckham-with-the-popstar-wife has his eye on Hollywood and a second career. For that matter, so does his wife-whose-best-friend-is-Tomkat.