Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Film Review: Volver

Finally got around to seeing this one.

Haven't heard of it?'s kinda hard to describe without blowing the plot...suffice to say it's a Spanish movie with subtitles about a quirky family living in a quirky town. Good enough? Cool.

This film had been getting great reviews on rottentomatoes, so it, along with Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men, has been high on my "to see" list.

I liked it, but I have to say it wasn't quite as good as I thought it'd be. I had heard a little about the plot going in and it sounded interesting in the aforementioned quirky way, but in the end I don't think it quite delivered. I was definitely into it, but for a while it felt like I was watching two different movies because of the two main plots. I wanted Penelope Cruz to be more involved in the secondary plot because you just knew that's where the fireworks were going to be. Instead, we were treated to a "day in the life"-type story for her character.

Oh, and an insane amount of cleavage.

I don't know what Cruz's relationship to the director is, but there were so many gratuitous cleavage and butt shots that it made me wince.

..But I didn't mind too much...

Overall, thumbs up. I dont know if it'll get Oscar buzz for Foreign Language Film (in which case you might want to catch it soon), but I'd suggest waiting for the DVD realease.

...That way you can pause it at the good parts!!! Booyah!!!


Tristan said...

It would be a real surprise if the Academy snubbed Almodovar for this one, as it's probably his biggest (in terms of mainstream popularity, at least) film yet.

I'd suggest you watch Talk To Her. Probably less interesting if you only care for gratuitous shots of Penelope Cruz's secret parts. All About My Mother is supposedly better, but come on. Who are you going to believe? Me? Or some non-specific group of people that I barely even referenced?

On second thought, maybe you shouldn't answer that...

MS said...

I agree with Tristan - both movies are worth watching. In fact, I'd recommend any of Almodovar's films. Except maybe La Mala éducacion -- which left me with an odd taste in my mouth, but then again most people I talked to loved it.

PS: Almodovar plays for the other team. Cruz is one of his fetish actresses (he tends to work with the same people movie after movie. Or maybe he has warm and fuzzy feelings left over from his breastfeeding days? Or maybe he knows a little Cruz cleavage won't hurt North American tickets sales among straight-men-who-have-never-heard-of-Almodovar.