Thursday, November 16, 2006

CFL: Selling its soul...and the Grey Cup?

There's a rumour going around that the CFL is considering selling the naming rights to the Grey Cup.

That's right: not a stadium, not a game, but the actual trophy itself.

Someone, somewhere thinks this is a good idea.

Add this to the many reasons I dislike the CFL, which previously included:

1. Game days - I never know when the Argos are playing next. If I did, I might be motivated to tune in more often. Why the CFL doesn't play all of its games on the same day like the NFL (mostly) and NCAA is beyond me. It would increase rivalries in the standings throughout the season and help to give the CFL some kind of identity. How about fridays? That work for you guys?

2. Three downs - Let's see: I get two tries at ten yards and then I have to punt. Joy. Can I please watch some more punting? I love punting. So exciting. Best part of the game. More punting!!! (and considering how obsessed the Argos were at running on first down, I got my wish plenty this season)

3. Skill level - Say what you want CFL-fans-who-don't-have-a-hockey-team, the skill level in the CFL ain't what it is in the NFL. That much is obvious. So you'll have to forgive me if I don't pledge my allegiance to an inferior product. I want my NFL team, and I want it yesterday.

4. NFL hinderance - The NFL clearly does not want to kill the CFL since they provide a nice little farm system (which otherwise would only exist in the form of the Arena League and World that still around?). The NFL has made it pretty clear over the years that it will not expand to Toronto while the CFL is still on life support. So let's pull the %&@#ing plug already. With Godfrey et al kicking around, now's the time the strike: buy a team and bring 'em north. Buffalo won't like it, but I have no doubt Toronto could support an NFL team (heck, there are only 8 or so home dates). I don't even think the Argos would have to change their name nor jerseys!

But back to the issue-du-jour. It's bad enough that SkyDome has been renamed the Rogers Centre and that stadiums around the globe are being renamed seemingly at random, but to change the name of the top prize? Why? To make a few bucks? So, what, we get the Fido Cup for ten years, then the Telus Cup for the next ten, and so on and so on? STFU. What does that say about the history of your league? Can you imagine looking back at the stats in 50 years to see who won the league chamionship, only to read the confusing list of names associated with that championship?

History means something, folks.

Would you rename Maple Leaf Gardens the Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens? (oh...wait...bad example...) You know what I mean.

Have some pride in your product, you morons.

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