Wednesday, November 08, 2006

US Elections: Rumsfeld gone


For the first time in a long time, the American electorate came to their senses and returned some power to the Democrats - or, rather, removed some power from the Republicans.

Right now I'm listening to George Bush eat crow at a press conference. This is by far the longest time I have spent in one sitting listening to this moron speak. I guess it's the subject matter.

He's actually talking about the war in Iraq in negative terms.

He's tripping over his words, he's backpedalling, he's contradicting himself - he's being George. Priceless.

He's called the election "a thumpin'."

He painted himself into a corner and actually said that Democrats want to defend the country just as much as Republicans, and will do it just as well - remember THAT quote! (as I write, a reporter just called him on it and he dodged the question; but in true George fashion used a double negative such that he implied Democrats want America to be attacked! Oy vay...)

But the big news is that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned.


The story, of course, is that Bush and Rumsfeld agreed that a "change in perspective" was necessary. So is it just coincidence that the resignation comes after this election "thumpin''?! If a "change in perspective" was necessary, it should have been necessary regardless of the election results!

The fact is that it would have been impossible for Rumsfeld to work with the Democratic House (Senate is still undecided) based on his behaviour in the past. He was the hawk of all hawks, he was the warmonger of warmongers, the stubborn s.o.b. who is directly responsible for the many needless deaths of American soldiers overseas. History will judge him. Goodness knows no justice system ever will.

The world is a brighter place this morning. That's all that matters, I guess.

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