Friday, August 11, 2006

Beckham Bounced From English Squad

I know what you're thinking: wtf, Phil, there was a full scale terror alert yesterday and you're talking soccer?

I know, I know, I could go on and on about that disturbing event, but I'm doing my part not to let the terrorists win - unlike the morons who react to the threat of a liquid explosive by having thousands and thousands of people dump oodles and oodles of "potentially hazardous" fluids into a common container in a crowded terminal. (Someone else had the same thought here) God bless the folks who work diligently to uncover these plots, and God help us from the obtuse airport personnel and United States presidents who react to them.

And on we merrily go...

So news comes today that David Beckham, recently resigned English soccer captain, has been dropped from the squad altogether by the new coach, Steve McClaren.

It's a sad day, I figure, 'cause I remember when Beckham broke in with the big squad as a 17-year old. Back then he was the quiet kid with the monster foot and he quickly became the pride of my favourite team as a kid, Manchester United. Having him dumped from the English team is almost worse than having him leave Man. U. We'll probably see a lot less of his soccer prowess on the boob tube now.

I don't know what you folks think, but this reeks of personal agenda. I mean, how do you figure that the guy who contributed to just about every goal your team scored at the World Cup can suddenly find himself not even in the top 8 of English midfielders?

McClaren clearly wants to put his mark on this team and the best way to do that is to dump the team's poster boy. Problem is, there's a reason the guy is the team's poster boy. He's good. Yeah, he may be "getting up there" in age (he's almost a year younger than me!) but he still holds his own on the pitch and contributes from the spot like no other. In a sport like soccer, where free kicks, corners and penalties offer more scoring chances than straight runs, this is the guy you want on your team.

Scratch the surface a little and I think you'll find McClaren resented the treatment Beckham got from former coach Sven-Goran Eriksson. McClaren wanted to dump the golden boy with the smoking hot wife and cologne ads; and that's just what he did.

This is definitely a turning point for England. New blood is being brought in. Hell, whereas England had once been the "Manchester United All-Stars", it now features more players from Tottenham Hotspur than any other club. But will it help them win a European or World championship?

Who cares? GO IRELAND!!!!!!

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