Friday, August 18, 2006

Cell phones: whatcha think?

I'm moving next weekend. As a result, I'll no longer be splitting certain costs with housemates (cable, internet, phone,, wait...). This inevitably means reassessing my priorities with regards to incurred expenses.

Can I get by without internet access at home?

Do I want to get a cable box/PVR?

...Do I want a cell phone?

See, a land line costs about $40/month, give or take long distance calls. This is a good deal, especially if you're splitting it with housemates. But if you're living alone, you're the only one using the phone - so why not take it with you? There are advantages: you're reachable wherever you are, so you can arrange to meet people on the fly and no one gets lost; if there's an emergency, you can be reached immediately; if you're in trouble, you can reach 911 from a ditch; no more changing phone numbers when you move.

But there are disadvantages: you're always reachable; you have to carry the damn thing with you; the reception almost always sucks (inferior to a land line at least); it may ring at inopportune times in public; you'll be one of those annoying fucks who carries on conversations in public places; you might get a brain tumor; the cell phone company will probably find myriad ways to screw you over; you'll annoy your friends by bitching about your cell phone company; you may end up counting minutes; you have to recharge the thing; you may drop/break/lose the damn thing or have it stolen; you may be tempted to use it while driving, thereby endangering my life, you selfish, stupid bastard.

My buddy Dan posted about his recent experience getting a cell phone and trying to avoid the cell phone company b.s., which got mixed reactions in the comments section. Go check it out and come back.

What do you folks think? Let Dan or I know and maybe I'll be convinced to become "mobile".

I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord, I miss my mind! ~Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

When I went solo in June, I ditched the landline (argh, Bell) and now I just have my mobile. It can be way more expensive than a landline, depending on the package you have. I find that I talk to my parents and friends who are outside 416/905 way less because long distance is so costly. I guess Skype would fix that, but the sound is horrible.
Tough decisions. If you do get a mobile, do it the way DM did. He's so smart. And handsome.


Dan Misener said...

I don't know who this J person is, but I have to agree with him/her.

Michelle said...

, Then I walked into Fido at the Eaton Centre, signed up for the recently announced $30/month Urban plan, and ponied up $30 for a Fido SIM card.,

... hey lil bro. This Fido Urban plan sounds good but if you want I can ask my contacts for you (insider info is always best). They upped their sim card fee (it used to be 25$) and Fido is now evil Rogers, but once mobile phone number transfers are approved by the CRTC you can always take your phone number with you to another carrier if they give you a hassle. It'll give you better leverage with the people hired to try to 'retain' you too.

I got in early with City Fido which is a broader version of the Urban plan. I signed a contract, but that was only because I knew number portability wouldn't come for a while, I wanted to be sure that when Rogers took over Fido they wouldn't drop me from City Fido (good thing I signed .. they would have) and I'd had my mobile for about 7 years by that time : I knew what I was getting into.

If you don't get some kind of unlimited plan, make sure you're billed by the second : I think Fido is the only one to do that, though.

You can get long distance packages too .. but you're not really into making long distance calls are you? (yes, that's a jab)

As for a handset, if you would just visit now and again, you could start off with one of my old ones. I have a camera phone that's like new (almost).

As for being 'reachable' all the time. The thing does turn off. And it does have a voice mail option. Note how many times you get mine. Oh yeah, I forgot ... you don't call (another jab)

A little big sister advice. Do what I say, not what I do. Don't sleep with your cellphone on your pillow or drive with it on your crotch. Even with the vibrating function on. I may have one on the way in November, but I'd like to think I might get more nephews and nieces later on .. and you have good genes.

This is a good source for info: - look them up especially for advice on which model to choose. Let me know before you buy and I'll ask the people who test them for Fido about it.

Can you tell I used to work for the Man? ugh :)