Friday, August 04, 2006

Terrorism Works

Is there anyone with half a brain left in the world who honestly does not believe "the terrorists" have won?

The Worst President Ever may still be sending people to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this "War on Terror" ended long ago. America lost. Some folks are just too f***ing stupid to realize it.

Terrorists may have hijacked planes on 9/11, but George Bush lost the war when he reacted to the attacks and forgot what the U.S. is supposed to represent: freedom. You can't profess that you will bring democracy and freedom to the world when you build walls around your country (remember Reagan's demand of Gorbachev in Berlin?), make your citizens feel like prisoners, and bomb the crap out of foreign civilians while tracking down rebels (baby with the bathwater anyone?).

But the great disgrace, the testament to the lost war, comes in the form of the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

I become incensed when I read stuff like this. How can the U.S. get it so f***ing wrong? How can you fight a war on terror in support of freedom while spitting on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Geneva Convention? We celebrate when deposed foreign leaders like Slobodan Milosevic are brought to trial at the Hague, but somehow GWB slaughters thousands based on inflated, doctored or outright false evidence and not only does he not get impeached, he gets re-elected, something even daddy dearest couldn't accomplish! Bill Clinton got impeached for telling a white lie about a blowjob for fuck's sake!!!


When I read this sort of thing, it makes me want to get into politics - if only to meet men like GWB at G-8 summits and bitch slap them.

Check out this Boing Boing post. It also makes the argument that the handling of the "threat of terrorism" by the Bush Administration has had a greater impact than the attacks themselves. By definition, if you are afraid, terrorism works.

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