Friday, August 04, 2006

Movies at a Glance

Screw this. Rants are part of this whole therapeutic blog thing, but I'll be damned if I'm going into the weekend thinking about George f***ing Bush and his dumbass cronies.

(switches gears)

Alright, too many of my friends don't know enough about movies. Too many don't know that there are movies out there other than the ones advertised fifty times a day on tv. So, in the hopes that they will follow the bread crumbs and open up their minds to the possibility that there is something to be seen on the dark side of the moon, I offer a couple of links.

First, one that I've linked to before: Great site for seeing what's coming out and getting an idea if it's utter crap or pretty good. It pools reviews from all over the place and and calculates an approval rating as a percentage. Anything over 60% is "fresh", under is "rotten".

If you insist on seeing what a movie is about and will look like before throwing down your hard-earned cash, check out Apple trailers. This site has dozens and dozens of trailers for viewing via QuickTime. Although I won't watch trailers for movies I know I'll see, I find this site to be a great tool for discovering lesser-known gems. I'm wasting time at work right now, checking some stuff out.

...don't tell the boss.

I'm jonesing for "Renaissance" now.

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