Monday, August 28, 2006

Moving Day + 1



Had the big move yesterday and managed to get things out of the old and into the new without any major disasters. Of course, I managed to forget a couple of things like my hockey equipment and kick-ass shower head, but I still have the old place until Thursday, so I can rescue them.

Big thanks to the guys and gals who helped me out. Good to know who your friends are in times like these.

Now it's time to acquaint myself with the new place and make note of the little idiosyncrasies - like The Window That Might As Well Not Be There (ah, contruction noise at 7am - love it) and The Superintendent Who Doesn't Do Shit. Then there's the twins: The Phone Jack That Doesn't Work and The Outlet That Doesn't Work. Oh and let's not forget The Invisible Curtain Rod and The Towel Rack That Wasn't There.

Yup, this place has charm - enough charm to fill an entire work order sheet.

But it's home.

...damn it.


SH said...

Your comment about knowing who your friends are isn't fair...I offered to help you move back when you were still deciding whether to rent the place...

PS said...

Now, now, my dear SH, I didn't say that those who did not help weren't friends. I merely said that those who did, were.

I'd like to think I have more than four friends...

And of course your offer was appreciated.